Marine STA-BIL 8 oz

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Marine STA-BIL 8 oz
Brand: SBT
Code: 22239
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SBT is now selling Marine Formula STA-BIL which helps fight the damages ethanol can cause. Ethanol can dissolve some solid materials, including varnish and rust on steel and corrosion on aluminum tanks. This results in particles and sludge that contaminate your fuel. Ethanol also attracts and separates water, which can lead to corrosion and water in fuel lines. The Marine Formula STA-BIL ethanol treatment contains double the corrosion preventer and more than four times the fuel system cleaner than regular STA-BIL to prevent against corrosion and deposit build up in marine engines. The marine version doesnt just stabilize the fuel; it treats the ethanol within the fuel as well.Any jet ski engine stored for 90 days or more needs STA-BIL. STA-BIL is a blend of additives which prevent fuel from undergoing degradation and oxidation during prolonged storage. It helps prevent "phase separation" within ethanol gas. In addition to eating away the build up on the tank, the ethanol combines with the moisture that is always in your tank from condensation. Using STA-BIL at every fill up helps to protect your personal watercraft equipment from the damaging effects of ethanol in the marine environment. On average, using STA-BIL improves your gasoline life by 5 times.