Yamaha Jet Boat Interior Traction Mats SR230 /AR230 /AR30 CA /SX230 /SX230 CA 2003 2004

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Yamaha Jet Boat Interior Traction Mats SR230 /AR230 /AR30 CA /SX230 /SX230 CA 2003 2004
Brand: BlackTip Jetsports
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These mat kits are made of the same high quality EVA foam as our watercraft traction mats and include our BlackTip Jetsports PSA to make installation a breeze. Traction mats are a great way to cover up an older jet boat floor that is less than perfect. If you have stains, spider cracks in the gel coat or the non slip surface is worn or damaged a new set of traction mats will make the floor not only look better but also give the added security of better traction.Traction mats are much easier to clean and maintain than carpet. With carpet you worry about leaving it wet and mold growing. With traction mats you can wash the inside of the boat the same way you do the outside and not worry about taking the carpet out every time you clean the boat. For watersports there is nothing better. Traction mats are soft on your feet, do not hold any water and protect your boats floor from the skis or boards getting dropped.*Red Cut Groove if left uncovered may fade!*Please Note, Color Samples may display differently depending on your PC/ MAC Monitor Settings. Color Samples are available upon request.