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Brand: BlackTip Jetsports
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Blacktip Jetsports Mat Kits are a great upgrade to factory traction mats. They provide not only a custom look but superior traction for safety in all types of riding situations from racing to cruising. All mat kits come standard with Blacktip~s Jetsports exclusive PSA ( pressure sensitive adhesive) to make installation easy - without the big mess of having to glue them down. Simply peel the backing off - press the mats into place and they are ready to go. This is an easy afternoon job and makes a world of difference on how your ski looks.*Please note, we only accept returns on black cut-groove mats. All other mats are not stocked and considered custom.*Please Note, Color Samples may display differently depending on your PC/ MAC Monitor Settings. Color Samples are available upon request.*Red Cut Groove if left uncovered may fade!
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