2011 GTS Pro/2009-2010 GTI Rental 130, 130, SE 130, SE 155 Sea-Doo

  • Код детали: 108BT124
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Цена: 14 696 Р

Create a new look with a fresh BlackTip Jetsports Seat Cover! Our BlackTip Jetsports Seat Cover allows you to see the pattern online and create your own color scheme for your brand new jet ski seat cover. The cover is made from high quality marine vinyl and designed to last for years. The individual sections provides for a tight, custom fit and look.Vinyl material available in colors Black, Burgundy, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Deep Blue, Gray, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, White and Yellow.Carbon-Fiber material available in colors Black, Blue, Yellow, Dark Gray, Copper, Purple, Silver, Red and White .Non-Slip material available in Black only. Please note, All seat covers are custom made to suit your specific order. There are no refunds or exchanges on any upholstery items. If you need assistance choosing colors and/or material for your custom seat cover, please contact a member of our SBT Team and we would be glad to help you, toll free 877.330.0231 or you may email us Sales@SBT.com
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